Title Start Date End Date Room Category Type
ICRC 2025 - The Astroparticle Physics Conference Department of Astronomy Conference
Dual-Readout Meeting IDEA Meeting
OSSYM 2024 - 6th International Open Search Symposium OSSYM - Open Search Symposium Conference
PLC operation meeting (POM) ZOOM Operation meetings Meeting
CAiMIRA Project Team Meeting 24/1-016 Project meetings Meeting
ISOLDE Technical Coordination Meeting 508/1-001 ITC Presentations Meeting
MG5aMC@NLO PhD meeting 513/1-024 Madgraph5_aMC@NLO PhD Meeting
CMS Mg5amc@NLO integration 513/1-024 MC Event Generation HW acceleration @ CMS Meeting
pre-GDB 513/R-068 Grid Deployment Board (GDB) Meeting
NYUAD Weekly Meeting Conferences Meeting
WP5.2 Technical Meeting WP5.2 - Technical Meetings Meeting
Netzwerk Teilchenwelt Projektwochen für Jugendliche am CERN Jugendliche Conference
CERNBox Service Meeting 600/R-002 CERNBox Meeting
Cosmo group meeting 4/2-011 Cosmology group meeting Lecture
WLCG operations meeting 513/R-068 WLCG Operations Co-ordination Meeting
WOL weekly meeting 513/R-068 WLCG operations miscellaneous Meeting
Computer security is not complete without you Zoom Computer Security Meeting
General meeting Antiproton production optimisation and capture working group (APOC WG) Meeting
AFT weekly review 874/R-018 TE-MPE-AFT Reviews Meeting
SY-RF-AC Piquet & Officiel News 864/2-B14 - SALLE J.B.ADAMS AC - Amplifiers & Couplers Meeting