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MoUs Database (CDS) MoUs for Experiments (CERN Experimental Programme – Grey Book Database) are archived in the CERN Document Server (CDS) – under the Research and Computing Sector.
Categories of Agreements at CERN (Rules and Guidelines) Page under construction
CERN Yellow Report The CERN Yellow Report series was started in 1955. It provided a medium for communicating the work done at CERN where publication in a journal was not appropriate.
The yellow report series includes the proceedings of schools and of workshops having a large impact on the future of CERN, the series also includes reports on detectors and technical papers from individual CERN divisions, again the criteria being that the audience should be large and the duration of interest long.
The Yellow Reports have to be approved by the CERN Report Editorial Board (CREB), who calls for the advice of referees when judged necessary. Click here if you want to know more about the Yellow Reports and how to submit a request for publication.
Online databases  You will find a selection of online databases subscribed by CERN: data collections, bibliographic databases, metrics (impact factor journal) and address databases.